Total Rubber Fist Fuckers


Rubber Eva, Danni Dark.


Bondage, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Inflatables, Rubber, Strap-On


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Once more in the luscious black Rubber Room, this time my Latex playmate is Danni! I am inside an Inflatable Rubber Body Bag and strapped together with belts so it’s impossible for me to move much or get out of my Rubber Cocoon… Danni enters dressed in a tight Rubber Catsuit with pewter coloured Rubber Stockings and matching Corset. Sliding on to the Rubber Bed where I am laying she first teases me with some riding up and down on my bag before letting me out!

Once free from my Rubber Bondage I waste no time in fucking this Rubber Bitch in every position I can think of as we fuck in glorious Shiny Rubber… Knowing just what a greedy cunt she is I Lube up my Rubber Fist and give her a fucking good hard fisting!!! Right up to the wrist as she moans and cumm all over the bed! Then making her suck off all her juices from my Rubber Cock and hands she fists herself as I finish her off with even more Strap-On Fucking as she orgasms for the third or fourth time… Yet again another stunning high def Heavy Rubber fuck film that will not disappoint… Enjoy Rubber Lovers !!!


SCENE 100:10:02

SCENE 2 00:08:41

SCENE 300:09:56

SCENE 400:09:58

SCENE 500:08:26

SCENE 600:09:51

SCENE 700:09:22

SCENE 800:10:21