Rubber Room Diaries


Rubber Eva, Jamie Brookes, & Introducing Sasha!


Bondage, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Inflatables, Rubber, Strap-On


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This new Rubber-Room has a total black rubber feel, as the Bed, walls and floor are all made from lashings of glorious Black Rubber! Even the tables and couches are covered!

The scenes that you will see also follow that theme as Rubber Eva and her two rubber sluts are covered head to toe in first shiny slippery Rubber layers and then dull virgin black rubber which is rarely if ever seen on such a scale as we go back to the Atomage days…

First we introduce Sasha for some stunning slippery wet rubber fucking as she and Rubber Eva use a Head Harness With Cock to fuck in every position possible as they mould in to one as this Rubber Fucking session comes to a climax!!!

Then we have a unique totally virgin rubber set as not one part of the outfits or set has been shined. Watch as kinky rubber slut Jamie takes and Hooded and blind rubber Eva through a Rubber Body-Bag fuck session she will never forget!!! Once again taking our inspiration from the old Atomage days this dull black rubber scene is like nothing you will have ever seen before…

SCENE 100:10:23

SCENE 200:12:40

SCENE 300:08:43

SCENE 400:12:04

SCENE 500:13:44

SCENE 600:08:10