Rubber Room Diaries IV


Rubber Eva, Sasha, Natalia.


Bondage, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Inflatables, Rubber, Strap-On, Oral, Vacuum Pumps


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If you like Transparent Rubber and super sexy girls wearing it, then this really is the film for you!

I just love the look and feel of this second skin and in this film we introduce Natalie to the pleasures of transparent Rubber Fucking as she first of all stays inside her Rubber Sheeted cocoon at the rear of the Rubber Room.

First I need to get Sasha inside her tight Rubber Vac-Bed which is fitted to the mattress on the Rubber room bed! Once inside I turn on the pump and I fondle Natalie through the Latex sheets as the rubber sucks in Sasha nice and tight with every smooth contour envoped in now very tight see through glass like Rubber!

I allow Natalie out from her cocoon as she slides all over the encased Sasha licking her tits and pussy through the Vac-Bed as I finger fuck her pussy which is exposed from her Crotchless Rubber Catsuit... As she gets down to some great HOM action with Sasha, I get a Rubber Dildo out and start to fuck her from behind! Moaning and cumming she is still playing with her Latex playmate as she lays on top of her!!!

Getting Sasha out from her Rubber Cocoon, Natalie and I get Sasha in to a Rubber Bondage Suit! What follows is some stunning girl on girl action while I fuck them both with my huge Rubber Strap-On Cock... A great Heavy Rubber film not to be missed and over an hour long! Enjoy.


SCENE 100:09:56

SCENE 200:07:30

SCENE 300:07:40

SCENE 400:08:59

SCENE 500:09:11

SCENE 6 00:07:20

SCENE 700:07:43

SCENE 800:10:20