Plastic Nappy Tales 3


Sasha, Theo, Frankie & Akemi.


Girl/Girl Action, Rubber, Squirting, Plastic, Watersports


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To celebrate the re-launch of the Plastic Nappy Website we have also released a new Plastic Nappy tales film! We have three fantastic outdoor Adult Baby scenes which feature both Rubber and Plastic A.B. and D.L. action, all of which have nothing but REAL Wetting!!!

First we join Theo and Sasha both dressed in Rubber, playing outdoors in their Terry Nappies and Rubber Pants under their Latex Smock and Rubber Rompers... Playing on a jungle gym they Wet Their Nappies and also Piss down the slide, these two naughty wet Rubber Babies are just bursting to pee virtually nonstop as they end up on the trampoline with their heavy Sodden Wet Terry Nappies pulling down with the weight of the full wet nappy...

Then its Frankie and Akemi who have returned from school wearing Plastic Schoolgirl Outfits and of course Nappies and Plastic Pants! It's not long before they are arguing over a sand pit and the attention turns to the very wet and heavy Piss Soaked Nappies they are wearing!!! If you like disposables and heavy wetting outdoors this scene is definitely for you!

Last its back to Sasha and Theo as they play outdoors once more on a Plastic Play Sheet, they are naked apart from a double layer of Thick Terry Nappy and very cute Frilly Plastic Rumba Pants! This is a very messy and wet end to this film as these two really wet and Pee Themselves until the Pee Soaked Nappies can hold no more and it spills from their Plastic Pants on to the PVC Sheet... These two then play with the weighty Wet Diapers as they get each other off in the warm sun and Soaking Wet Nappies...

SCENE 100:09:35

SCENE 200:11:09

SCENE 300:06:07

SCENE 400:07:29

SCENE 500:05:33

SCENE 600:06:02