Plastic Nappy Tales 1


Sasha & Faye.


Girl/Girl Action, Squirting, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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A new compilation film staring two of our cutest teen babies from our site Plastic There are 3 scenes making up almost one and a half hours of great Adult Baby and Plastic pissing action!

First up is a thick white terry nappy twin set as the girls slide on their plastic pull pants and Popper Pants and wet themselves in the nursery! They both have on cute clear Plastic Dresses and just love filling their huge cloth nappies…

Then fast asleep in her Plastic Bed, Faye gets woken up by a Plastic Romper suited Sasha, who has on the most enormous thick bugling nappy! The undress each other out of their Rompers and Faye wets the bed in to a waiting disposable nappy! Great action in this longest of the three scenes!

These two finish up with a Plastic Pants feel up and pussy licking session when they come in to the Nursery from a walk outside where they have had on their clear tight Plastic Pants on under their normal clothes!!! Then it’s a quick change in to some trainer pants and disposables for some more wetting and then back in to plastic as they go out once more…

A light hearted film with girls who just love to wet in nappies and plastic!


SCENE 100:08:25

SCENE 200:08:32

SCENE 300:10:01

SCENE 400:10:00

SCENE 500:10:00

SCENE 600:10:41

SCENE 700:12:18

SCENE 800:13:36