Plastic Lovers Film 8


Jamie Brookes, Holly, Danni Dark, (Ava Blue) & Frankie.


Fucking, Plastic


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Yet more PVC and Plastic fun as we open up "Film 8" in the Plastic Lovers selection of films! First up in Danni as she entertains us wearing a super see-through Plastic Buckle Coat with blue Plastic Cammi Knickers and Bra underneath! Using the white room she shows off her stunning body as the aroma and feeling of the soft Vinyl Clothing takes her over… Slipping her hands inside her Plastic Panties it’s not long before she has wet fingers!!! 

Then Holly also in the white room slides over to the bondage chair in her Red Plastic Jeans and Jacket as she treats us to a strip and fuck with a glass Dildo as she fucks herself in transparent red Plastic!!! 

Frankie makes a quick appearance as she flashes her cute naked body under her strappy Laced Plastic Mini Dress! In the Rubber Room she just loves slipping and sliding around in her wet Lubed Plastic Dress. She stretches the ass of the dress to the max as she leans up against the Rubber walls and teases us with a flash of her wet pussy!!! 

Last but by no means least is Jamie! She uses one of the RE. Productions sports cars in the studio to play out her Kinky Plastic Games! Dressed in layers of Natural Plastic she first undoes her Plastic Mac and lays it on the roof cross bar as she then climbs up and gives us a pure Plastic Fuck, wanking herself hard through her Plastic Pants and rubbing her ample tits through her wet Lubed dress… Enjoy these latest Plastic Films as we once again watch these Plastic Lovers at play…

SCENE 100:07:52

SCENE 200:07:38

SCENE 300:08:20

SCENE 400:07:51

SCENE 500:08:04

SCENE 600:06:21

SCENE 700:09:33

SCENE 8 00:08:14