Plastic Lovers Film 6



Fucking, Inflatables, Plastic


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Another great film for all lovers of tight transparent Un-Backed Plastic! First we join Frankie on an inflatable blue Plastic Bed. She is wearing a matching transparent blue Plastic Playsuit, Frankie has also covered it with Lube as she slips and slides around the bed showing of the tightest Plastic ass as she pushes her suit to the max! All In Stunning Hi-Def 1920x1080 screen playback!

Then its time to join Sasha in the attic wearing a stunning full length Matrix Coat... She teases us before un-zipping it and shows us the tightest of Plastic Jeans and Crop Top she has on underneath! Dropping on to the old Mattress she can't keep her hands off her smooth Plastic clad body! Watch as she beings herself off through the Black Transparent Plastic...

Last up is Danni! Dressed head to toe in layers of lubed Natural Plastic, she mesmerizes us with a strip in the Rubber Room you simply won't forget... Sweat pouring of her Lubed body she makes quite a sight as she seductively slides her Plastic Jacket and Bottoms off her amazing body to leave just a Plastic Bra and Panties so she can now get down on the floor and finger herself to a shuddering Plastic orgasm!!!

SCENE 100:11:19

SCENE 200:08:09

SCENE 300:12:02

SCENE 400:10:52

SCENE 500:11:05

SCENE 600:13:14