Plastic Lovers Film 5


Danni & Tony.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Milk Cock, Oral, Plastic


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We are proud to release our first hardcore Boy/Girl Plastic Lovers Film! Here we have two fantastic Plastic fucking scenes that will blow you away as Danni and Tony indulge their love of soft sensual plastic in the boudoir and some kinky Plastic Nurse and patient games in the clinic!

First we find Tony bound to a chair in the boudoir, he is dressed in layers of clear Plastic, when in walks Danni! She uses her Plastic Mac to tease her blindfolded slave as she then suck his cock through his Plastic Boxers! Then opening her Playsuit she slides down on to his throbbing cock to fuck him hard! Lastly he explodes his cumm all over her face as she blows his to cumm soaked finish… Stunning Plastic Fucking Action!!!

Next it’s a game of Nurse and patient as a normally dressed Tony enters the clinic for his check-up. Plastic Clad nurse Danni takes his pulse and checks his pressure before revealing what he has on under his jeans… The kinky fucker is wearing Plastic Pants! Donning her Plastic Gloves nurse Danni wanks him off as she fingers herself and then gets fucked hard doggy style over the operating table before Tony unloads his spunk all over Danni’s face and Outfit!

SCENE 100:09:57

SCENE 200:09:52

SCENE 300:10:21

SCENE 400:10:40

SCENE 500:08:30

SCENE 6 00:12:41

SCENE 700:09:10

SCENE 800:11:15