Plastic Lovers Film 13


Sasha, Fiona & Danni.


, Fucking, Plastic


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Danni with her super long legs, High Heels and sweaty tight Plastic Panties plays with herself in the Clinic while her Plastic Mac is laid out on the operating table in front of her... She gets so hot in The Rubber Clinic that the sweating is dripping from her Plastic Dress as she lays on the operating table. She rubs her Plastic Panties with her soft Vinyl gloves and her pussy, lying back on the Black PVC operating table, Danni pulls back her Plastic Panties and with her Soft Vinyl gloves, opens up her pussy and starts to fuck herself with her fingers! Watch this Kinky PVC Nurse give herself an amazing Plastic Fuck! 

Take a beautiful sunny afternoon, a hot naked teen and put them together with some Lubed and a modified Plastic Duvet cover in Thick Natural Transparent Vinyl... And watch! Now zipped inside her Thick Natural Transparent Duvet Cover, Sasha lies down on the grass outside and starts to play with herself as she gulps in the Plastic aromas... Zipped up tight in her Lubed thick transparent Duvet Cover, Sasha just get lost in her Vinyl pleasure as the thick Plastic aroma takes over as she slides around in the soft slippery bag outside! As the sun makes the thick Natural Vinyl Plastic almost melt on to a Lubed and naked Sasha as she fucks herself  inside the Plastic Duvet Cover! Watch as she brings herself to a Breathless final climax! 

Cleaning never was Fiona's strong point but the Shiny PVC clad beauty soon gets distracted as she wanders upstairs and ends up on the PVC chaise with her fingers inside her Plastic Panties! Distracted by her dusting and the lure of the Shiny PVC chaise long, Fiona lays back on the Black PVC and puts both her hands inside her Plastic Panties as she starts to pleasure herself... With her cleaning now completely forgotten, Fiona rubs her wet pussy inside her Plastic Panties! Watch how this Shiny PVC clad maid gets herself off in Black Plastic...


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