Plastic Lovers Film 12


Sasha, Fiona & Fran


, Fucking, Rubber, Plastic


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Dressed in her transparent red Crotchless Plastic Playsuit and taking her matching red Plastic Cape, Sasha once more takes a kinky ride out in the car in broad daylight! She soon gets lost in her Plastic heaven as having got quite breathless with the Plastic Cape over her head, Sasha has the car pull up along the roadside so she can don her Plastic gloves and get back to some kinky Plastic Fucking! A great clip this for real Plastic B.P. lovers! Nearly 7 minutes of Sasha with her Plastic Cape on back to front over her Plastic Playsuit as she fucks and gasps in the car!!! Watch as Sasha pulls the Hood of her Plastic Cape ever tighter over her face as she slams her pussy through the Crotchless Plastic Playsuit!!! 

Plastic Lover Fiona just loves to mess about in Plastic and today she is in the kitchen baking a cake in her cute Plastic Dress and PVC Apron! But it's all about to get a bit messy! Having poured all her ingredients in to the bowl, Fiona sits up on the worktop and lifts up her Plastic Apron and Dress to reveal her Plastic Pants which she plays with her Rubber Gloved hands!!! Does cake making have to be this messy? Well if Fiona has anything to do with it has! Dripping the mixture all over her Plastic Dress and Rubber Gloves she makes quite a mess! Finaly Fiona stretches out on the marble worktop and fucks herself with her Rubber Gloves! She writhes in her messy wet Plastic Dress as she cumms right there and then! 

Dressed in a transparnet blue Plastic Frilly Blouse and matching Knickers, Fran gets in to her bath and starts rubbing herself all over with warm water and bubbles! This horny and busty Milf she gets her Blue Plastic wetter and wetter in her shower bath... Great close-up Wet Plastic action as the soap gets washed away. With her blue Plastic Blouse full of water, Fran bends over in the bath and fingers her pussy through her Plastic Panties to a wet smooth climax! A great ending to this trio of pure Plastic Loving clips...

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