Plastic Lovers Film 11


Frankie, Fran & Sasha


, Fucking, Plastic


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Dressed in her cute see-through Plastic Gypsy Outfit and matching blue Plastic Frilly Apron, Sasha makes quite a sight as she hangs out her Plastic washing on the line! With the sun now coming out Sasha finishes hanging up her Plastic washing, the aroma of the Vinyl coming from the now warm Plastic is driving her wild as she drinks it in and with the sun beating down on her soft Vinyl Frilly Plastic Apron, Sasha relaxes on a black Plastic Sheet on the grass and pulls back her Frilly Apron and strokes her pussy through her Plastic Gypsy Outfit!!!

Sasha is completely distracted from her Plastic washing duties as she sprawls over the Plastic Sheet and masturbates through her Plastic Skirt and Apron before finding her Rubber Dildo and fucks herself in to a Plastic Orgasm right here outside for any passers by to see!!! 


We then join Frankie writhing in her smooth and slippery Lubed Plastic Body Bag, she works her swollen pussy with her wet fingers as she slips her head out of the PVC Bag to stroke her pussy through the Plastic! Frankie just loves playing in the Rubber Room, being naked and Lubed up inside her favourite soft PVC! Frankie now gets inside her Plastic Cover Sack as she lays on the Rubber couch! Watch as she envelopes her body so she can get covered in Plastic

If you like big titted MILF action then this last scene is definitely for you! Plastic Lover Fran slides in to the bedroom in her Natural Vinyl Plastic Cape which is virtually see through! She plays with herself before settling down on a Plastic Sheeted sofa to treat us to a soft sensual PVC fuck! Great Plastic Cape action for the lovers of swishing Soft Vinyl...

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