Plastic Lovers Film 10


Sammi, Frankie & Sasha.


, Fucking, Rubber, Plastic


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Welcome to Plastic Lovers film ten! First we kick of with a very sexy Sammi as she plays in an old toilet block wearing a super tight Plastic Catsuit we have covered in Lube so she can slip and slide her stunning body inside that super tight Plastic! She unzips the front of the Catsuit to get her ample tits out before wandering down to her wet pussy with her Vinyl gloved hands! What follows is an up close and very personal Plastic Fuck as she fucks herself in PVC right there in front of the camera.... Stunning Hardcore Plastic Action!!!

Next we follow Sasha wandering through a yellow flower feild in spring. She is wearing a kinky see-through Plastic Breathplay Suit and on top a Plastic Coat and PVC Boots! She first finds a bridge over a remote stream before settling down on a grassy bank un-zipping her PVC Catsuit and fucking herself with one of her favourite Rubber Dildos! Without any concern for anyone passing by she pulls down her built in Breath Play Hood for an explosive noisy orgasm right there in great outdoors!!! A must for outside Plastic loving fuck fans...

Last but by no means least we join Frankie in some smokey Plastic Catsuit fun as she plays in the warm and snug Rubber Room! We have left out a Large Rubber Dildo for her and some Lube as she lays on the Rubber couch... It doesn't take her long before she is slamming the Rubber Cock deep inside her cunt! and fucking herself so hard she splits her PVC Catsuit in the process! A great finish to this film number ten... Enjoy!

SCENE 100:11:18

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SCENE 400:09:50

SCENE 500:09:05

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SCENE 700:09:01