Outdoor Rubber Vol 2


Rubber Eva


Fucking, , Gas Mask, Rubber


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Relaxing in the pool while wearing Rubber is one of my favourite things to do on a hot sunny afternoon. So what better way than to christen my new Rubber Catsuit than to slide in to the cool blue water of the pool... Watch the water run of the smooth Shiny Latex as I submerge my Rubber covered body right in to the wafting water! Then it's time for my Latex goggles to go on as I go under!!! Leaning on the edge of the pool I start to wank myself of in my Crotchless Rubber Catsuit! The Rubber and warm water is driving me wild as I spot my PVC lillo floating nearby... Climbing up on the Inflated Plastic bed I also grab a nice Double Ender to play with as I lay back in the warm sunshine to enjoy my Rubber Pool Fucking Games... I just lay back on the PVC lillo and just float around the pool in my Rubber Catsuit and matching Rubber Gloves, Socks and Latex Hood!  With the sun beating down on my Blue Rubber Catsuit and the slippery PVC Lillo just bobbing about on the cool blue water, I just lay back and fuck myself nice and deep with a Latex double ender! The fact I am outdoors having this Rubber Fucking fun only makes it more exciting as I slowly start to work up the speed being careful not to moan too loud in case of any passing neighbours lol... Slamming my Double Ender deep in to my wet throbbing pussy, I come to one shuddering orgasm after another... This slippery wet PVC lilo is getting hot under the summer sun as is my Rubber Catsuit as I cumm to my last dripping wet Rubber Climax!!! A great finish to this Out Door Rubber Fuck, I then just drift around the pool in my Blue Rubber suit and Plastic bed...

I was looking through my Rubber wardrobe when deciding what to wear outside for the day when I came across my huge Hooded Rubber Cape! I have not worn this for ages, so picking up a Gasmask, Rubber Blouse and other Rubber bits and pieces I make up a multi layered outfit for my day of Heavy Rubber fun out in the garden... I am wearing some Rubber Jodhpurs which have a large button opening crotch, can you guess what is inside? Watch as I open them and you can see I have an Inflatable Butt Plug up my ass and an Inflatable Rubber Cock up my pussy which both feed through my tight Rubber Pants! I just love some hard rubber DP. while playing outdoors hee hee.. With my Inflatable Rubber Plugs firmly pumped up inside my ass and pussy I have to waddle in my Rubber Cape and black Rubber Leggings down to the woods where it’s a little cooler out of the sun… I lean up against an oak tree as I let the Rubber aromas fill my Rubber Gasmask as I feel the wet pussy juice dripping out of my swollen cunt in to my Rubber Pants!!! Next I lay down on my large Rubber Cape. I re-insert the Rubber Toys and  Plugs in my pussy and ass as I want to make this final orgasm the hardest... Rubbing my full swollen pussy with my Rubber Gloved fingers I can feel the waves or pleasure run through my ass and pussy at the same time as I moan inside my Rubber Gas Masked Hood! A very kinky Rubber D.P. finish to this Heavy Rubber outdoor set... Luv Eva x.

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