Outdoor Rubber Vol 1


Rubber Eva


, Fucking, Inflatables, Gas Mask, Rubber, Plastic


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In the first part of this film I take some old Rubber waders and a Plastic Hazmat top and try out the waters of my lake. It's not long before this session gets rather muddy and dirty as I spread this thick mud all over my Plastic covered body!!! Super Sploshing Fun!!!

I just love being outdoors, especially if its dressed in Rubber or Plastic, or better still both! Watch as I am dressed head to toe in Red Rubber and then over the top a nice Natural Plastic Catsuit that I have Lubed to make glass clear and topped off with a Rubber Corset... I lounge around posing outside on the terrace using my Inflatable Plastic sofa as my play bed.  I stand next to one of the statues to play with my Plastic Hood as I pull it tight over my Rubber Anesthesia Mask running my hands over the soft Lubed Plastic as it clings tight to my Rubber! I can't wait to get on to the Inflatable Plastic sofa and start my Rubber Tubed Dildo fucking games... Connecting the Rubber Tube and Dildo to my hood I slide inside the Plastic Body Bag and start to fuck myself with the Rubber Cock! I then swap this over to a larger Inflatable Rubber Cock which again connects to the Corrugated Rubber Tube so I can smell my own cunt juices!!! 

As most of you know, I just love Rubber Inflatables! So putting on my Inflatable Rubber Catsuit with attached Inflatable Rubber Hood, I grab a belt and some Rubber waders and also a pair of Thick Rubber Gauntlets to top off this stunning Heavy Rubber outfit... I first take a walk in my garden before slipping in to the muddy waters of the stream, then laying back on the water I float around picking up handfuls of mud and rubbing on my Rubber covered body! Fantastic sploshing fun!!! Sploshing around in Rubber and mud, watch as I lay on my back in the water using my Thick Rubber Gauntlets to pull up the mud from the moat and rub it all over my Inflatable Rubber Body!!! I have to be a wee bit careful when splashing as I got a mouthful of muddy water down the Inflatable Rubber Hoods breathing tube when I splashed a bit too much lol... Still floating on my back in my Inflatable Rubber Suit I drift around the muddy lake as I pick up some mud from beneath me... Rubbing it all over my Latex clad body really is a strange but equally exciting experience as I start to rub my pussy at the same time with my Thick Rubber Gauntleted fingers! I stand back up and splash some water all over my Rubber Catsuit before pushing myself off again in to the lake... After some floating and swimming in the lake I pull my Rubber suited self up on to the bank and finish off with a Heavy Rubber orgasm... Great Inflatable Rubber action!!!

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