Latex Liaison


Carmel, Abi, & Roxanne


Anal, Bondage, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Rubber, Strap-On, Ass to Mouth, Oral, Suspension


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The first part of this movie has the stunning Carmel playing with herself in a solo Dildo-fucking scene, as laying back on the bed she starts with her Rubber Gloved fingers sliding into her wet pussy followed by a large glass dildo! Which brings her to a shuddering rubbery climax. 

Tied-up and left waiting, this beautiful blonde Latex sex slave is left hanging by her rubber covered wrists in a 15th century cottage deep in the country side. Wearing the tightest of Rubber Corsets she is quite hot and sweaty by the time the two purple Rubber Dressed tormentors arrive. 

The two lesbian abductors first inspect there pray and check out her stunning body from tip to toe before letting her to watch them fuck and suck each other in a kinky rubber lesbian scene they play out on the bed in front of her! Then these two Vixens turn on Her! First they un-tie the wrists and drag her on to the bed, as they work their way over her pussy and ass before sliding in a Rubber Cock deep into her ass!!! The hard anal fucking that unfolds will make you see just how much this latex slave can take…

SCENE 100:08:09

SCENE 200:07:52

SCENE 300:08:33

SCENE 400:09:46

SCENE 500:07:55

SCENE 600:09:07

SCENE 700:09:10