Inflatable Rubber Piss


Matron, Patient Y. Patient X. and Patient RH.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Inflatables, Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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Two great scenes under one film especially for the Heavy Rubber Piss fan and of course hardcore Inflatable Rubber enthusiast! We first join Matron as she walks in to the Piss Slab room of the clinic where she has arranged many of her thick Rubber Bodybags and also those that inflate! Inside of these Rubber Cocoons is Patient RH. As his Inflated Rubber Hood wriggles form side to side on the Rubber Mattresses… Watch this piss fuck extravaganza finish with a messy Rubber Gloved wank in glorious pissy wet Inflatable Rubber as RH. shoots his load all over Matron and himself…

We then have another wet Rubber scene as Patient J. takes charge of Patient X. and Patient RH. What follows is a hard Piss blowjob by J. through RH’s Rubber Cock Sheath, he has a hole in it as J. makes him kneel up and piss all over X. as she lays on the cold clinic floor… Not content with that J. also sits on the edge of the bed and pisses all over X’s Inflatable Rubber body!!! Once again non-stop Hi-Def action 100% Exclusive to R.E. Productions!

SCENE 100:07:07

SCENE 200:07:57

SCENE 300:09:35

SCENE 400:06:36

SCENE 500:06:58

SCENE 600:09:27