Evas Solo B.P. Games


Rubber Eva.


, Fucking, , Inflatables, Rubber, Plastic, Vacuum Pumps


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Two great solo B.P. Clips here as I enjoy first a triple Rubber Hood re-breather special, and then a Plastic suction Sleep Sack finish!!! First watch as I play in the clinic, dressed in a minty green Rubber Catsuit, then grabbing a matching Rubber Re-Breather Hood I slide it over my hooded head and have a kinky Rubber play…. Then its time for an Inflatable Rubber Hood, which goes over the top of my re-breather making this 3 layers of hoods! To Finish up I take off the two hoods and get busy with some Plastic Sack vacuum games, I slide on to the stretcher and envelope myself in Plastic! Turning on the pump the air gets sucked out and I fuck myself hard,  cumming to a shuddering Plastic and Rubber orgasm… 

Next is a wet and windy outside Rubber and Plastic scene where I am dressed head to toe in Black Rubber, just as well as it’s raining and I watch the rain drops bounce of my Rubber Coat and catsuit! Pulling out a Plastic Re-Breather Hood from my pocket I find an old chair to sit on and make myself take the wet encapulated wank that I am about to do! Messy but wow what a buzz!

SCENE 100:09:56

SCENE 200:10:20

SCENE 300:09:50

SCENE 400:09:34

SCENE 500:05:30

SCENE 600:15:00