Clinic Clips Film 9


Matron, Patient Q. Patient J. Patient Y. & Patient X.


Bondage, Catheters, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Inflatables, Gas Mask, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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Another great kinky selection for you here in “Clinic Clips Film 9” as we first kick off with some bizarre rubber and plaster cast Gyno Chair action! Dressed in thick Black Rubber layers, Matron puts on her Frilly Rubber Apron to attend to Patient Q. who is cast in plaster via her legs and then her arms as she gets fucked by Matron unable to resist!

Making her piss all over her Matron then double fucks her mouth and pussy as she too then pisses on the floor a great opening scene…Next Patient J. treats us to a solo catheter and piss fuck in stunning transparent Rubber! Pulling out her inflated balloon catheter she stretches her tight pussy to the max as it pops out… Then grabbing an Inflatable Rubber Cock she fucks herself with it and then pisses on it! Fucking herself to a hard and Heavy Rubber orgasm to finish…  

Patient X. and Patient J. team up for the third scene as a bizarre Inflatable Rubber piss fuck takes place on one of the clinic couches! Taking a monster cock all the way inside her you can tell this piss bitch just can’t get enough of Rubber Cock! A must for all strap-on fans!!! 

Lastly it’s a hard bondage set with the pain slut that is Patient Y. Nipple clamps, slapped, chain rubbed, and fucked with a violet wand makes this session an eye watering affair as Matron shows no mercy to her little slut! Add in some pissing and kinky fucking and this will be surely a finish that you will want to watch again and again…

SCENE 100:09:06

SCENE 200:09:28

SCENE 300:09:39

SCENE 400:10:43

SCENE 500:11:10

SCENE 600:09:09

SCENE 700:11:00

SCENE 800:15:36

SCENE 900:13:01