B.P. Buddies


Rubber Eva, Vanessa Upton, & Jamie Brookes.


Bondage, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Rubber, Oral, Plastic


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Join Me and my B.P. buddies in this film as we first find a Rubber clad Vanessa Upton in a dirty dark back room of the studio with an old operating table for the games we are about to play out! First Vanessa warms me up with a Rubber Gloved wank through my slippery tight Rubber Catsuit! It’s not long before she has me sliding inside the tight Rubber Hooded Bag and zipping me up tight there is nothing I can do once encased in this Rubber as the bag had no arms and a small hole for breathing… I feel her hands once more all over my body as she controls my breath and wanks me at the same time!!! One of the best Breathless orgasm’s I think I have ever had in Rubber! Watch to see it all unfold… 

Then its time for Jamie and I to get kinky with a huge Thick Plastic Duvet Cover! I am put inside the PVC bag before being made the lick Jamie’s wet pussy until she cumms on my Plastic covered face! Watch how the sweat rolls of my Rubber as I get hotter and hotter inside the Plastic Bag! My face turns so red as I also cumm inside this Vinyl Plastic heaven… We finish up on the couch with me still inside as I just do not want to get out of my Plastic Cocoon… Enjoy Baggers!

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SCENE 400:09:14

SCENE 500:13:40

SCENE 600:05:24