B.P. Buddies II


Rubber Eva & Sasha


Bondage, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Rubber, Oral, Plastic


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Welcome to yet another B.P. and Bagging film with one of my favourite Rubber Sluts, Sasha! She loves bagging me just as much as I do her! but on this occasion in the two scenes here in this film I let her take Total Control! as I get fucked, face-sat and of course heavily Bagged!!!

First we are playing in the Rubber Room, I am encased in a Rubber Bondage coverall as a Rubber Hooded and Caped Sasha plays with my air flow first with some hard HOM action as I have on my Rubber Blackout Hood that only has a mouth hole! Next she slides on a Plastic Re-Breather Hood as I lay on the Rubber Bed... The eleasticated neck makes a snug fit as the Plastic Hood has no holes! Face sitting me and then making me swallow a Rubber Dildo through the hood and Plastic she rides my face until I can take no more! See just how far I get pushed as this Latex Bitch puts me through me paces...

Next up is a Rubber and Plastic Bagging scene that we play out in the old attic of the studio! Let's just say if you like your bagging old style and hard this definitely is the scene for you! First I let my Red Rubber clad bitch suck on my huge tits and nipples as I excite myself in the hot sweaty Rubber! Then I get encased in soft crinkly Plastic as the bag gets lowered over my head... Pull the bag so hard and tight I instantly run out of air as we masturbate and fuck each other until we cumm in a breathless climax!!!

So if you like you Bagging and Breathplay Hard, this is the film for you! Enjoy.

SCENE 100:08:49

SCENE 200:09:16

SCENE 300:09:22

SCENE 400:09:38

SCENE 500:07:32

SCENE 600:08:48

SCENE 700:09:37